Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My Life in Pictures

This week’s Working Mommy Wednesday prompt over on Work, Wife, Mom….Life! is to “Show us your life! (work, house, family, etc in pictures.)”  What a fun post!!  I have been taking pics over the last week to give you all a little glimpse into my life.  Hope you enjoy!

My Family:  My favorite recent picture of my husband, son and I

Our first “baby””.  We adopted Layla when she was 8 weeks old.  She turns 7 years old next month....and is officially now a "senior" :(

Our Home: It’s small for now, but it’s our little piece of heaven.

Our beautiful new bathroom that we completely renovated this past summer.  I love it!!

 One of my favorite rooms in the house.  We completely redecorated our guest room when I got pregnant.  I am thrilled with how the color block wall came out.

The downstairs playroom area.  This is where we spend most of our time.

our bar!  very useful on stressful nights after work ;-)

My Daily Commute:  I’m so lucky to pass through such a beautiful and historic building every day. Most evenings I'm sprinting across this room to make my train, but on nights like the one when I took this picture I had a few extra moments to linger in the main hall and take in the beauty of Grand Central.


My "mini" office where I usually work to/from the city.  a.k.a Metro-North Railroad.

My Job Where I spend 8+ hrs/day.  Usually with a big cup of coffee.

My View:  This is the view from my window….and yes, the brick building in the foreground is a Pub.


  1. Your house looks great and it seems so exciting to get to take a train to work every day!!!

  2. I love the way your house looks! I sooo wanna paint now!

  3. Your home is just lovely. A's wall is fabulous! I thought we did an amazing paint trick with stripes but the grid is far more ambitious! Thanks for sharing a glimpse of your life :)

  4. Thanks for the look into your life. Your house is so cute!

  5. Are you for hire???? Love the WALL!! Makes me want to get motivated!!!!

  6. Your house looks great and I love the shaw you are wearing! Visiting from WMW.

  7. Thanks for taking us through your day. Love the view from your office. And I LOVE the color block. That is AWESOME.


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