Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Food for Thought

A friend of mine had mentioned a while back that she had gone gluten and dairy free to help manage her migraines.  I had heard of other friends doing the paleo diet but never gave it much thought.  One day hubby said to me that he wanted to start a diet and was thinking of doing Atkins again.  I suggested maybe we try paleo instead since it might help with my migraines too and kill two birds with one stone.  He agreed.

If you've never heard of paleo it’s also commonly referred to as the “caveman diet”.   Think of anything that a caveman would have access to eat during the Paleolithic era and that’s what you can eat.  That means lots of fruits, veggies, meat and nuts.  The big no-no’s are gluten, dairy, refined sugar, legumes and alcohol. 

We started Paleo on July 28th and so far we’ve each lost 10 lbs and I feel much more energetic.  More importantly I have been migraine free!  At first I thought it would be extremely difficult to cut out gulten, dairy and refined sugars but I discovered that I didn’t miss it all that much.  It’s especially easier to stick with it knowing that it’s helping keep my migraines at bay.  After maybe another month or so I will start to incorporate dairy and then gluten into my diet and see if I can pinpoint one or the other that is causing my migraines.  I have a feeling it’s dairy causing them as I cheated a little on Saturday (had dairy) and I ended up with a slight migraine.  Needless to say, I won’t be cheating again anytime soon.

For those that want to get started on paleo there are lots of resources out there to help you.  I’ve found quite a few good paleo blogs via Pinterest.  Some of my favorite blogs/websites for recipe inspiration are:

Additionally, here’s a week’s worth of meal plans from things I’ve done:

DAY 1:
Breakfast:  2 hardboiled eggs
Lunch:  Mixed greens with sliced avocado and olive oil
Snack:  Apple with cashew butter

DAY 2:
Breakfast:  1 egg (over easy) on top of 1 piece of leftover pork.
Lunch:  Salad with grilled chicken & sunflower seed.  (just a drizzle of olive oil for dressing)
Snack:  mixed fruit and a few almonds

DAY 3:
Breakfast:  2 hard boiled eggs & a banana
Lunch:  Leftover stuffed pepper from night before
DinnerGarlic ginger chicken with garlic roasted asparagus 
Snack:  Fresh Cherries

DAY 4:
Breakfast:  2 egg frittata muffins 
Lunch:  Baby lettuce topped with 1 cup avocado basil chicken salad 
DinnerHoney Garlic Chicken Wings with side salad 
Snack: Coconut milk ice cream

DAY 5:
Breakfast: 2 scrambled eggs and 3 pieces of turkey bacon
Lunch:  Leftover wings from night before
DinnerSausage & Veggie Bake (I added some chopped sweet potato into this as well)  
Snack:   Carrot, celery sticks and a few cashews

DAY 6:
Breakfast:  2 egg frittata muffins 
Lunch:  Leftover sausage & veggie bake from night before

DAY 7:
Lunch:  Leftover meatloaf and carrot rice from night before
Dinner:   Shiritake noodles with paleo meatballs in marinara sauce 

Monday, July 28, 2014

My New Venture

A little over three months ago I ran out of eye cream.  Instead of running out and buying another bottle of what I had been using (which didn’t seem to be making a difference anyway), I decided to take it as an opportunity to seek out other options.   My dark circles had started to become embarrassing and I was determined to find a solution.

The following week during casual conversation at work, a co-worker (and friend) of mine told me about this amazing new product that she had been using and recently became a consultant for.  It only took me one look at her results pictures and I just had to try it.  After 2 weeks of use I was already seeing (and feeling) a difference.  After 25 days I did a comparison to my before pictures and was stunned at just how much my dark circles had been reduced.  I was floored.  It was also at that time that I decided I wanted to share this product with everyone I know and become a consultant for Nerium.

If you’re worried about getting older (and let’s face it, we ALL are) and are sick of having to use multiple products to get results, then I strongly suggest you try Nerium.  NeriumAD is the only product to contain the patented NAE-8 antioxidant extract and was formulated to improve the appearance of:
·         fine lines
·         uneven skin texture
·         enlarged pores
·         wrinkles
·         sun damaged skin
·         hyperpigmentation
·         aging

If you've heard of Nerium but didn’t know where to get it, you can order directly from my site which can be found at the top right hand corner of my blog.  If you’re not quite ready to buy yet, Nerium offers a 30 day money back guarantee.  So you can have a 30 day trial for FREE!  But if you don’t want to commit to 30 days, I can provide you with a free 5 day trial.  Just email me for more details.

Becoming an independent brand parter with Nerium is a bit of new territory for me. While I have worked retail in the past, this is completely different.  I’m not a pushy person by nature so I was hesitant to sign up.  I've come to realize, however, that I don’t need to be pushy and “sell” Nerium.  As corny as it sounds, it can sell itself.  I am just here to provide samples and information to anyone who is interested in trying it.   I would love to one day be earning a big enough paycheck from Nerium that I can start working less at my full time job and spend more time with my family  (and a free Lexus wouldn’t be too shappy either).  But for now I’m happy enough with my dark circle free eyes and glowing skin :)

Monday, June 23, 2014

A Long and Overdue Update

This update is WAY overdue.  I’ve had only one post since the New Year (bad blogger) and to say a lot has happened since Jan 1 would be an understatement.

Besides our normal work schedule and holidays, over the past six months we’ve celebrated our birthdays (mine and hubs); Anthony turned six!! (omg); I trained for and finished another Spartan race – beating my previous time;  Anthony came to my job for his first Take our Daughters & Sons to Work Day; Anthony was chosen to have his artwork displayed in a district wide art show;  Mother’s Day;  Father’s Day;  and on June 13th Anthony graduated from Kindergarten (omg again!)  We’ve been quite the busy family that it’s left me barely any time to catch my breath, let alone time to blog about it all.

But probably our biggest news of all is that we moved!!  You may have caught it at the end of my 2013 recap post (if you read the whole thing LOL) where I mentioned that we were packing up the old house and were closing on the new house.  We sold our townhouse on December 27th and on January 6th closed on a gorgeous 4 bedroom home a couple towns over.  We are beyond excited and are in love with our new space.  We truly lucked out finding our dream home. 

taken the day our offer was accepted (November 2013)
Moving was one of the most stressful experiences of my life and to do it in the middle of snowpocalypse 2013/14 made it all the more challenging.   We were scheduled to move out of our townhouse on the day a blizzard decided to descend upon New York.  Luckily I was able to get the movers to come a day early and they kept our things stored on the truck for the weekend until we closed on the new house.   It was a good thing we were able to do that because the day after the blizzard all of the moving company’s trucks were frozen solid because the diesel fuel in the trucks had frozen!!  You seriously couldn’t have made this stuff up.  It was just insanity.  Certainly not the time to be moving, but we had no choice.  We had to go.  The day we moved into the new house it was minus 5 degrees outside.  I felt so awful for the moving guys.  I bought a few boxes of coffee and some doughnuts and that helped make for happy workers (and a faster move).  Although I’m sure the cold certainly helped them work a little faster.

So as you can imagine, a lot of whatever free time I’ve had over the past 6 months has been spent focusing on the house and doing projects.  We were lucky that the house didn’t need any renovations, but of course there were cosmetic changes we wanted to do to make it our own.  Slowly each room is coming together and it’s starting to feel like home vs a rental vacation home.  More to come on the house as we finish off rooms (and more pics too!)

For now, I’ll leave you with some picture highlights from the last 6 months and the promise that I really will come back to blogging, even if only for short quick updates.


Friday, February 28, 2014

What’s New at LEGOLAND

Tuesday night I had the opportunity to attend an event hosted by LEGOLAND on behalf of my sister blog Apple Tots in the Hudson Valley.   Representatives from LEGOLAND California, LEGOLAND Florida and LEGOLAND Discovery Center Westchester were present to talk about how LEGOLAND Parks have transformed into the ultimate family destination and about the rapid expansions taking place at LEGOLAND Discovery Centers throughout North America this year.  Master Model Builder, Gary McIntire, was also on-hand to build with those who attended and present the opportunity to view exclusive LEGO Legends of CHIMA models.

You might remember that last year around this time I took a trip to Florida with my son to visit my mom.  During that trip I took my son to LEGOLAND Florida.  We had a blast and I vowed that we would one day return for a full family trip (check out that post with pictures HERE).  What I didn't know at the time is that I was only a few months early of them opening up a brand new attraction titled “The World of Chima” that my son would have gone crazy for.  Last night at the event I got a chance to view this new attraction that opened in July 2013 both in video format and as a LEGO model (how cool!).  The World of Chima offers attractions for both old and younger kids but the centerpiece is “The Quest for Chi”, an interactive water ride that offers riders a chance to fire water cannons at targets that include LEGO characters (and others on and near the ride) ensuring no one leaves the area dry.

Also happening in LEGOLAND Florida later this year is the grand opening of the LEGOLAND Hotel!!  The LEGOLAND hotel in California has been such a great success in the short time that it’s been open (it opened April 2013) that the Florida hotel is going to be opening ahead of schedule!  It will be located at the front of the park and a perk of being a guest of the hotel is that you get access to the park a half hour early before regular guests (sweet!)

My sister and her husband took my nephew just a month ago to LEGOLAND California and from the pictures & video they sent back to us my son is now begging for us to take him to California.  Last night I got a glimpse into the new 3 acre water park that is going to be opening up Memorial Day weekend 2014 entitled “Legends of Chima”.  This water park will be in addition to the current water park that is already at LEGOLAND California.  With interactive water play, water cannons, a huge wave pool and more water slides than you can count, it looks like an incredible place for a family vacation!

For those that live in the NY Hudson Valley area, you don’t have to go very far for your own LEGO adventure.  The LEGOLAND Discovery Center Westchester is conveniently located in Ridge Hill (across from Stew Leonard’s).   At the Discovery Center you can experience the 4D Cinema, take a LEGO factory tour, view New York's top landmarks made out of LEGO bricks, build and race your own LEGO racecar, ride Merlin’s Apprentice Ride plus much more.  For younger kids there is a duplo soft play area, plus kids under 2 are admitted FREE!  They also hold birthday parties for the LEGO lover in your house ;)

Thank you again LEGOLAND for the fun night of food, drinks and fun and most importantly for information on all the new and exciting attractions that are coming soon to the LEGOLAND parks!

Just like Emmet says….”Everything is awesome!!”

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013: A Look Back

2013 will be over in just a few hours and I have to say that I’m more than ready to ring in 2014!!   2013 brought with it a lot of personal accomplishments for me.  I lost 38 lbs and completed 3 races, including my very first Spartan Sprint!  The past 12 months have been a fun and busy year for our family filled with parties, vacations and outings, but I’m excited to start 2014 and begin a new chapter in our family’s life.

See ya 2013…..Bring on 2014!!

  • Started Weight Watchers
  • Bowling outing with Anthony & Me
  • Taylor’s Birthday party
  • Family fun day at Sport Time USA
  • Kindergarten Registration
  • All three of us got sick with the flu :(

  • Fun in the snow (Nor’easter blizzard)
  • Swapping valentines at school
  • (another) week with Wally (preschool project)
  • Girls weekend trip to Foxwoods & Mystic, CT

  • Tae-Kwon-Do trial lesson
  • Trip to Florida to visit my mom & stepdad
  • Easter egg coloring & hunt
  • My birthday brunch at Xavier’s on the Hudson
  • Bowling play date with Anthony’s BFF, Tyler

  • Anthony turns 5!
  • RJ’s Birthday Party
  • Anthony’s 1st day of T-Ball

  • Mother’s Day dinner at Restaurant X
  • More T-Ball games
  • Gavin’s Birthday Party
  • Crazy hair day at preschool
  • The pool opens!
  • Memorial Day Weekend BBQs

  • Anthony’s “graduates” from Preschool
  • Gilly’s graduation party
  • Matthew’s Birthday party
  • More T-Ball games
  • Swimming and outdoor fun
  • I completed my first Spartan Sprint!

  • Watching 4th of July fireworks from our window
  • Vacation with my extended family to Niagara Falls
  • Damian’s 1st Birthday party
  • Anthony gets a new pair of glasses
  • Crazy hat day at Preschool
  • More swimming
  • Birthday parties for Chase & Aiden
  • Kindergarten orientation day
  • Had family photos professionally taken at a local park
  • Put our 1st house up for sale (eeek!!)

  • Soaking in the final days of swimming
  • Kindergarten bus orientation
  • Fishing at the local lake with Daddy
  • Birthday parties for Gilly, Vinny & Quincy
  • Found a buyer for our house & intensified our search for a new house
  • Girls weekend trip to Hershey, PA to see Justin Timberlake/ Jay Z concert

  • Anthony’s 1st day of Kindergarten
  • I completed my first 5k Color Run!
  • Stephen & Petra’s Engagement party
  • Play date at Sport Time USA with Anthony’s BFF, Tyler
  • Attended the world’s largest picnic in NYC (a Guinness World Record) sponsored by Hellmanns
  • Hit my weight loss goal!!
  • Continue the search for a new house
  • Family apple picking trip at local farm
  • Kindergarten Halloween Parade & Party
  • Birthday party for Connor & Paige
  • I completed my first Ridiculous Obstacle Race!
  • Continue the search for a new house

  • Celebrating thanksgiving with our family
  • Steven & Colette’s Wedding
  • Trip to NYC to see Lion King (Anthon’s 1st Broadway show)
  • Found our forever home!

  • Ride on the Polar Express (Essex, CT)
  • Celebrate our last Christmas in our house
  • Continue to pack up the house
  • Close on the sale of our 1st home

From our family to yours.  Wishing you a very Happy New Year.  Cheers to 2014!!

Saturday, December 14, 2013

My Kindergartner – 3 Months Later

We successfully made it through the first week of Kindergarten.  And the 13 more that followed after.  There were no tears, not (much) of a fuss, and after a few funny stories later he is quite comfortable in his new surroundings and acting like he has been going to school for years. 

After completing a quarter of the year, he is excelling in his school work and it doesn’t appear that the common core curriculum has had a negative impact on him (at least not yet).  I’m still quite nervous about all the work that is and will be thrown at him between now and June, but he’s been a trooper thus far and is absorbing everything in stride.  We had our very first parent teacher conference last month and he got a glowing report.  He is (thankfully) minding his manners and listening very well, which I was both happy & slightly surprised about considering he has been completely the opposite at home recently.

Since school began in September we’ve noticed a negative behavioral change in Anthony.  He’s become much more defiant than his usual five-year-old self and no matter what we ask of him (even simple questions like “please get dressed”) are answered with “I don’t wanna” or simply “no” which ultimately leads to an argument.  In talking to some of the other Kindergarten moms who are experiencing the same situation with their kids, we’ve attributed this new attitude change to the constant listening that he is doing all day combined with the stressfulness of all the work that is being asked of him as part of the common core.  Between school and his after school program, he is following someone else’s rules from 9 am to 5 pm.  By the time he comes home he’s just had enough and is taking out his frustrations on us.

In the last 3 months we’ve seen a slight improvement in his grumpiness, but we’re hoping that it will just take a little more time for him to adjust and for our sweet boy to return.  I’m honestly on the fence on how to reprimand him for this behavior because part of me feels like it’s not his fault that he’s being overworked but at the same time I need to address it so that he knows his behavior it’s not acceptable.   Who knew Kindergarten was going to bring with it such challenges!

Kindergarten School Picture

Sunday, November 17, 2013

An Interview with a Five Year Old

We were having a little fun this weekend and I decided to interview my five year old to see what kind of answers came out of him.  The results were pretty funny.

What’s your name?   Anthony

How old are you?   Five

Who is your best friend?   Tyler

What is your favorite food?   Tacos

What is your favorite animal?   A Lion because it has big teeth and eats the Zebras

What is your favorite color?   Blue

What is your favorite tv show?  Lab Rats

What is your favorite movie?  Monsters, Inc.

Who is your favorite person?   My Mom & Dad and Layla (my dog)

What does Mommy do for work?   Works on the computer

What does Daddy do for work?   Works on the computer and they have a cooking area at his job

What do you want to be when you grow up?  A superhero (Superman to be exact)

What do you love to do for fun?  Play with my best friend Tyler

Who is your favorite Superhero?  The Avengers

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