Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hi, I'm new here :-)

I was on the train ride home a few weeks ago, reading Working Mother magazine and came across an article that I just had to chuckle at the first line of.  It read:

“Working mothers who are the breadwinners as well as the primary caregiver have been shown to have high levels of stress.” 
Really??!  We need a magazine to tell us this?  Duh. I could have told somebody that and for a lot less than the price of the magazine.  All mothers have stress.  Whether you’re a working mom or a SAHM we have stress, it’s just a different kind of stress for each situation.  What the article doesn’t go on to say is how to best cope with this stress.  It talks about taking deep breaths and trying to relax, which we all know is a load of bs.  I’d much rather have a martini to de-stress, vs taking some deep breaths!

So what may you ask is this blog all about?  I know there are lots of blogs out there and quite a few about working mothers.  I created this blog to share my own experiences and my daily struggle to manage work, home, family & friends. ….with hopefully a bit of humor. I’m also in the process of building sections to share helpful tips, recipes as well as planning & craft ideas I’ve developed or found helpful.  In what little spare time I have, I enjoy cooking & party planning.  A lot of items for my wedding, baby shower and the two birthday parties I’ve thrown for my son were DIY.  

As for me, I have one son (I’ll call him A) and my husband (who I’ll call H since he and A share the same name).  We’ve been married since Oct 2006 and live in the suburbs of NYC.  I am a (non-practicing) CPA and work full time in NYC as a Finance Director for a large Corporation.  This is my very first blog, so bear with me as I navigate through this new world. 

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