Monday, June 27, 2011

Father’s Day

Work has been insane lately so my blogging has been a bit delayed, but hey better late than never.

Father’s Day used to make me sad.  Once A was born the holiday turned to more of a bittersweet day for me.  The sadness thinking about my dad remained, but now a layer of happiness was added as I watched my husband and A start building their own Father’s Day memories.   Each year I rack my brain as to what to buy my husband for a gift.  A frame?  A mug?  A shirt?  Naah.  This year I got my husband a pretty cool Father’s Day gift that I was very excited for him to open.  I purchased from Silver Sentiments on Etsy a key ring that had A’s fingerprint imprinted onto it with his initials and birthdate printed on the back.  The seller sent me a kit to take an impression of A’s fingerprint, I mailed it back and in a couple weeks viola!  the key chain arrived.  He loved it!!!

We spend every Father’s Day at my in-laws house so we went over there this year for an afternoon visit and early dinner.  A had a great time playing with his cousins and since the weather was nice they were able to have some fun with the water table and play in the backyard.  It was a great day!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Ready or not here we come!

As of July 5th I will officially be a mom to a preschooler.  How did that happen so fast?!  Feels like just yesterday that he was a tiny little infant that needed my constant care, and now he’s an independent little guy who loves to sing, dance and read books.  He is SO ready for preschool and I know he will do awesome, but at the same time it’s bittersweet to see my little boy leave his toddler-hood behind.     

We went to a meet the teacher night this week to see his new room and meet his preschool teacher and at first he was a bit overwhelmed by all the new 'big kid' stuff....but it only took 5 minutes and he was making himself right at home.  He is so excited to join his new class and to start learning new things, and so are we.

Good luck buddy :)  Mom and Dad are so proud of you!!  

Monday, June 6, 2011

My Big Girl Phone

I have never been one to need a fancy phone, but when my husband and I decided a couple weeks ago to ditch our current carrier and switch to a new one I figured what the heck.  I officially joined the technology age and bought an iPhone!!  I also have a blackberry that my job supplies me with, but I only use it for work email (with the exception of bbm) so I have been texting my friends on an ancient relic that had NO internet access.  Yes, can you believe that – no internet access!  LOL

I’ve gone from this ancient thing:

to this:

I am so freggin’ excited and have been playing with it since it arrived on Thursday.  I have installed a few apps so far: FB, WW, Angry Birds and Words with Friends but there are just so many that it’s overwhelming.  

So tell me - what are your must have apps??

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

WMW: Summer Goals

I don’t normally make summer goals for myself, but this week’s WMW prompt got me thinking that there are some things I would like to get accomplished this summer.  So here they are, in random order:

  1. Clean out/organize the built in shelving area in our downstairs.  It has become a kind of make shift storage area that I’ve begun to cover up with Chinese screens so that I don’t have to look at it anymore.  It could use a good purging.
  1. Finish transforming A’s room to a ‘big boy’ room.  I’ve already converted back his hutch dresser from being a changing station and replaced the glider with a train table – which has made a huge difference to the room.  But I still want to change his curtains from the valence that matched his crib bedding set to something more updated for a preschooler and change out a few more design aspects of his room.
  1. Utilize the pool at our complex more.  We have a beautiful pool that it literally a few feet from our doorstep and we hardly use it.  Truthfully it’s because we’re so busy over the summer that we’re not around much on the weekends to go.  But this year A is really into swimming so I want to make more time to take him, even if it’s for an hour in the morning.  I took him one morning over this past weekend and it was perfect.  We practically had the pool to ourselves!  We did some swimming, enjoyed some snacks pool side (coffee for Mommy) and then went inside for lunch and a nap – I could definitely get used to that kind of a morning.
  1. Loose these last 10 stubborn pounds!!  As you can see from my lack of dieting posts, I’ve taken a little break from WW.  After 5 months on it, I decided it was time for a break before I completely lost my mind.  Right now I’m just maintaining and doing a little bit of watching what I eat (mostly during the week so that I can enjoy the weekends).  I know summer is a hard time to diet with all the BBQs that go on, but I’m going to attempt to get rid of these last pesky pounds.
  1. Take more walks.  This could hopefully help with #4.  We have a big complex and another one across the street from us that are great for walking around and not worrying about traffic.  A just got a bike for his birthday in April, so what a perfect opportunity to bring him with me.

This week’s Working Mommy Wednesday prompt from Julia over at Work, Wife, Mom….Life! is: Top 5 goals for this summer.

Wordless Wednesday: FieeeeTruck, FieeeeTruck, I Wanna Ride on a FieeeeTruck

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