Thursday, September 26, 2013

Weeks 37 Results

Pounds Lost this Week:  -1.8 lbs
Pounds Lost to Date:  -38.6 lbs


I finally made it! WOHOOOOO!!!!!  I’ve reached my goal weight (plus a teensy bit).  After almost 9 months of weight watchers I can say that I am the lightest I have been since graduating college 13 years ago!  While it’s true that I probably could have gotten here a month or two earlier if I had stuck to the plan a bit better, truth is that life sometimes happens (and it did).  But when it does you can’t let it completely derail you.  I kept working at it and continued to remind myself that if the pounds didn’t come off as fast as they did in the beginning then that was OK.  When I look back at a summary of my loss it’s quite obvious that I had a strong start with my first 4 months being great loss months and then I tapered off in the summer which was when I was searching to try and get

my momentum back.

January:  - 9 lbs
February:  - 8.2 lbs
March:  -4.8 lbs
April:  -6 lbs
May:  -2.4 lbs
June:  -0 lbs
July:  -3.8 lbs
August:  -2.6 lbs
September:  -1.8 lbs

Half of me wants to go for another 1.4 lbs to make it an even 40 but I don’t know if I should push my luck.  Ha, ha!  I’m pretty psyched to be down 4 pants sizes and 2 shirt sizes.  At this point, I’m just going to let nature take its course; continue to eat healthy, exercise & monitor my weight weekly.  I won’t be posting weekly updates anymore though since I reached my goal.   This whole experience has changed my eating habits (for the better) as a lifestyle change and I need to keep it that way if I want to maintain the body I’ve worked so hard to achieve.


Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Weeks 36 Results

Pounds Lost this Week:  -0.0 lbs
Pounds Lost to Date:  -36.8 lbs

Zero is okay with me this week.  It was a tough stress week and I’m putting it behind me.  It’s a new week and I’m going back to meal planning and drinking more water.  I’m also gearing up for the start of my volleyball season so I’m excited to get back on the court one night a week.

Here’s this week’s dinner menu. 

Sunday 9/15:  Grilled Chicken Thighs with Grilled Polenta & Grilled Corn on the Cob (10 pts+)

Monday 9/16:  Leftovers (no meal plan)

Tuesday 9/17:  no meal plan (volleyball night)

Wednesday 9/18Crock Pot Sesame Honey Chicken with ½ cup brown rice (8 pts+) 

Friday 9/20:  Crock Pot Chicken Taco Chili (5 pts+) 

Saturday 9/21:  Leftovers (no meal plan)

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Weeks 34 & 35 Results

Pounds Lost these Weeks:  -0.0 lbs
Pounds Lost to Date:  -36.8 lbs

This past month has been a bit of a whirlwind between the craziness at work, the start of Kindergarten and the stress of house hunting (more to come on our move in another post).  I haven’t had much time to post my updates but honestly there hasn’t been much to report.  Last week I was up by 0.4 lbs and this week I was back down by those same 0.4 lbs….so a wash for the 2 weeks.  Considering my high stress level and my poor eating habits over the past 2 weeks I’m shocked I am not actually up higher than this.  While I’m still 1.4 lbs away from my goal I think my brain has switched itself into maintenance mode, which is NOT a good thing.  I am still determined to hit my goal.  I need one week to just go hard core back on the plan and I’m sure I will get rid of that last pesky pound.

I also promise to get back on meal planning next week.  I honestly haven’t had much time to cook the past few weeks so we’ve been winging it with cooking dinners each night.  With fall approaching I have a few soups & stews pinned that I’d like to try out.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

A Letter to my Son on Kindergarten Eve

To my number one man,

Only five short years ago we brought you home from the hospital and tomorrow you will embark on a whole new journey. While maybe it shouldn’t be that big of a deal since you’ve been attending an all day program since you were 17 months old, tomorrow morning marks a different kind of a milestone.  You will start your academic career which (I hope) will last for the next 14+ years.  I am such a mixed ball of emotions tonight as I sit here and listen to you sleep.

Excited:  I’m excited for all of the new things you are going to see, hear and learn.

Sad:  Truth is, it makes me a little sad to see my baby boy growing up so fast.  Tomorrow may only be the first day of kindergarten but it snuck up on me so quickly that I can only imagine how fast your elementary school years will fly by.

Nervous:  I know what a caring & gentle soul you are and I am nervous that others won’t treat you right and that bullies will try to take advantage of you.  I know that you need to learn for yourself who to listen to and how to stick up for yourself but the protective mother in me wants to shield you from all of that.

Proud:  Our hearts are just bursting with pride when we think of just how successful you will be.  You are growing up to be a sensitive, strong, independent, talented little man, who spreads joy to everyone who spends time with you.

I know we can’t protect you from everything.  You will have good days, and bad days.  You will get tempted to make bad decisions.  Not everyone will want to be your friend and there will be times when your feelings will get hurt.  I will help to soothe your broken heart and do my best to arm you with the tools you need to make your own decisions.

Always do your very best and treat others with respect.  Remember your manners but don’t forget to come home and hug me tight every day after school (until you graduate from college).

I love you to the moon & back.

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