Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Week 11 Results

Pounds Lost this Week:  -2.4 lbs
Pounds Lost to Date:  -22.0 lbs

This is a 2 week result since I missed last week’s weigh in due to vacation.  Not bad considering I allowed myself a few splurges on vacation (ice cream once, a couple dinners out and some wine).  I’ve also finally made it over the 20 pound hump that I had been teetering on for the past couple weeks.  Wohooo!!!  I tried to make good choices while away and also took all the opportunities to stay active with yoga and walking.  I guess it paid off since I didn’t gain anything. 

Here’s this week’s dinner menu.  I decided to add the approximate number of points also for added reference (it’s also on the recipe once you click through on the link).

Sunday 3/24: Baked Chicken Thighs with Dijon & Lime (5 pts) and sautéed squash (0 pts) 

Monday 3/25:  Slow Cooker London Broil (6 pts) with steamed mixed vegetables (0 pts) Adapted from this recipe.  Left out the potatoes & halved some of the ingredients due to size of the meat I used.

Tuesday 3/26:  Leftovers (volleyball night)

Wednesday 3/27: Loaded Baked sweet potato (8pts)

Thursday 3/28:  Taco Thursday! (using ground turkey & whole grain shells ~6 pts) with fat free spicy refried beans (2 pts)

Friday 3/29: Spicy shrimp fried rice (8pts)

Saturday 3/30:  Roasted whole chicken with rosemary and lemon (5 pts) with side of steamed broccoli & garlic (0 pts)

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Bad Mail

One late night after work last week, I was sorting through the mail and I came across an envelope stuck in-between the birthday cards I was opening.  I knew right away what it was without even seeing a word written on it.  Just from the way it looked I knew it had those two little words stamped in red across the font.  Those 11 letters we all dread... Jury Summons.  Mother f#?@!%.

The last time I got called was over 13 years ago when I was in college out of state.  I was excused from service back then so I've avoided it about as long as I'll ever be able to.  I guess that means you could call me a jury duty virgin since I’ve never ever gone or served. I am due to report April 1 (if my number is called) so this should be interesting...  To be honest, the ‘Law & Order watching’ half of me kinda wants to be picked for a cool case, but the ‘I have a life and don’t want to be sequestered for weeks away from my family’ half of me doesn’t.   We'll have to wait and see what happens on April fools day ;-)  

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Week 9 Results

Pounds Lost this Week:  -0.4 lbs
Pounds Lost to Date:  -19.6 lbs

Considering what a bad girl I was this weekend I’m calling this a huge WIN!  I turned thirty um...something this weekend and saved my weekly points for splurging this weekend.  I treated myself to take out Friday night, a few cocktails and to a very nice brunch on Sunday where I had a dessert that was definitely not WW friendly.  I tried not to go too crazy, but I guess it was just enough though to keep me from my average 2 lb loss.  I’m just happy I didn’t gain!  (although, would have been nice to make it over that 20 lb hump)

I am leaving tomorrow to visit my mom in Florida (she’s a snow bird) so no meal plan for this week.  I am going to try and be a good girl on vacation and to squeeze in some exercise in while I’m down there.  They hold yoga on the beach every morning so I’m going to try that out while I’m there.  I packed my work out clothes so if I packed them I have to use them, right?!?  

update:  I re-weighed myself this morning (I couldn’t help myself) and I was down 3 lbs!  I guess I had that much bloat on me from the salt & booze.  Hopefully I can keep that loss until my next weigh after I get back.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Week 8 Results

Pounds Lost this Week:  -2.0 lbs
Pounds Lost to Date:  -19.2 lbs

I am very happy to be seeing the scale go down again this week.  I’m soooo very close to 20.  What a tease! Hopefully I can report in next week that I have achieved this milestone.  

While my pants are fitting big on me and I definitely see a change in my face, it doesn’t feel like almost 20 lbs to me.  I certainly need to start toning up now that I’m starting to get into a better place.  With the weather getting warmer, hubby and I have resolved to getting outside more and walking together.  It will be a bit difficult during the week with work, but I’m doing to discipline myself on the weekends.

Here’s this week’s dinner menu.  So far I’d say there have been more hits than misses with what I’ve cooked.  Another bonus that’s come out of this diet is that I’ve sharpened my cooking skills and experimented with some new dishes I’ve never tried before.

Sunday 3/3:  Nothing fancy.  Got a rotisserie chicken from the supermarket & paired it with some salad

Monday 3/4:  Slow cooker beef & broccoli

Tuesday 3/5:  Leftovers (volleyball night)

Wednesday 3/6Spicy basil chicken with brown rice

Thursday 3/7:  Sante Fe Turkey Stuffed Peppers

Friday 3/8Spicy shrimp fried rice

Saturday 3/9:  Birthday Dinner for hubby and I out with our little guy!
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