Saturday, June 16, 2012

End of Year Teacher Gift Ideas

It’s that time of year again - school is ending and camp is starting.  A couple weeks ago I found out that my son’s preschool teacher was leaving to pursue her teaching career in the local school district.  While I’m happy for her, I’m sad to see her go.  A had gotten attached to her over the past year and he still has one more year in this room before moving on to kindergarten.  He’ll have time to transition to his new teacher over the summer “camp” session but it won’t be the same without her.

To say goodbye to her I was looking for something a little more special than just the typical gift card.  A couple days ago when I was surfing around facebook late at night I came across it.  An etsy seller that I’ve previously bought hand stamped jewelry from (My Belle Boutique) was advertising a new necklace design she had done for teachers.  Perfect!!  I quickly snatched one up at 11:30 pm and am praying it arrives before his teacher’s last day on June 28th.  (Link to the necklace is here)

For his other two teachers (assistant teacher & aide) I’m going with the standard gift card, but with a little twist.  A friend of mine recently told me that you can personalize gift cards through the Dunkin Donuts web site.  You can add a picture and even a short message.  The cards come in a greeting card of your choosing and are shipped directly to you for only 45 cents!  The greeting card portion is an additional $4.50 on top of the gift card, but if you were going to buy a card anyway you would have spent $3-$4.  It was super easy to create and the cards were shipped the next day.  A really great gift idea for teachers that is a little different from the every day gift card.

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