Monday, February 25, 2013

Week 7 Results

Pounds Lost this Week:  -1.0 lbs
Pounds Lost to Date:  -17.2 lbs

I was fully expecting to have no loss or even a gain this week since I cheated so close to my weigh in day (Saturday & Sunday).  Girls weekend away was such a great time but I ate (& drank) my week’s worth of points ;)  It was completely worth it though.  Next week will be the true test since everything I ate won’t show up until next Monday’s weigh in.  Thankfully I have volleyball this week and will try to fit in some extra exercising to balance myself out.

Here’s this week’s dinner menu (only 1 recycle from last week since I had forgotten the squash needed to be baked for 1 hr ahead of time so I scratched it last minute last week & will remember to bake it Thursday night in prep for Friday)

Sunday 2/24:  Leftovers

Monday 2/25:  Slow Cooker Thai Chicken - this was ah-mazing.  If you like Thai food I seriously suggest giving this a try.  I added some hot sauce for a bit of kick.

Tuesday 2/26:  Leftovers (volleyball night)

Wednesday 2/27: Leftovers or something quick - we have Kindergarten orientation this night (eeek!!)

Thursday 2/28:  Taco Thursday! (using ground turkey & whole grain shells) with fat free spicy refried beans

Friday 3/1 Baked Spaghetti Squash and Cheese

Saturday 3/2:  Chicken Francese - Lightened Up

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